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The RHS archives is a treasure trove of exciting history. It consists of records dating back to the 1700s, including books, pictures, maps, letters and diaries. The catalog of the archived materials can be accessed below.

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Remember that all of our programs are filmed and posted afterwards on our RHS YouTube Channel.

Hi Everyone, next Friday, March 29, we have a great program, Live at the Starr Library. Mike Frazier will be talking about the history of farming in Rhinebeck.
Friday, March 29 at 7:00 PM, At the Starr Library Local History Room, entrance in the rear.

Mike Frazier – Farming in Rhinebeck

From Indigenous People prior to the 1700’s to today’s Farmer’s Market, agricultural purposes and practices in Rhinebeck have changed in a multiplicity of ways. The speaker will address those changing roles as they appear at a number of sites, including at the Palatine Farmstead, the Grange, the violet growers, and among the great river estates.

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