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January 2024
The History of Rhinebeck in 1900

(David Miller)

February 2024
Professor James Marshall DeGarmo

(Bonnie Wood)

March 2024
A Look at Rhinebeck's Agricultural History

(Michael Frazier)

April 2024
Peter DeWitt's Twisted Web: Money, Industry, Power in 18th Century Dutchess County

(Will Tatum)

May 2024
The History of Funerals

(Kevin Snyder)

January 2023
Historic Murders in the Hudson Valley

(Shannon Butler)

February 2023
The History of the Rhinebeck Reformed Church

(Bud Rogers)

April 2023
The History of the Church of the Messiah

(Fr. Richard McKeon)

May 2023
Dutchess County Sampler Initiative

(Joanne Lukacher & Stacy Whittaker)

September 2023
The Girl from Rhinebeck

(Joan Frederick)

October 2023
The People of Wurtemburg: An Exploration of Eighteenth-Century Rhinebeck

(Will Tatum)

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Our video archives date back to 2011. Take a look at some of our greatest hits down below. If you have any suggestions for videos you'd like to see featured here, let us know!

March 2018

The History of Lionel Trains

(Ron Gabriel)

September 2012
History of the Post in Rhinebeck

(David Miller)

November 2013
Civil War Voices

(Michael Frazier, Elizabeth Clarke, Chris Klose, & David Miller)