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March 2022
An Historic Trip Up

the Hudson River

(Bonnie Wood & David Miller)

February 2022
Wurtemburg: A Palatine

Hamlet in Rhinebeck

(Will Tatum)

FEB 2021
Forgotten Hamlets of Dutchess County, Part 2
(David Turner)

JAN 2021
Murals of the Hudson Valley
(Franc Palaia)

January 2022
Bricks & Brick Ruins of

the Hudson Valley 

(Thomas Rinaldi & Thomas Yasinsac)

MAR 2021
A Virtual Walking Tour of the Village of Rhinebeck, Part 1
(Mike Frazier)

APR 2021
Sacred Grounds: History of Rhinebeck's Cemeteries
(Beverly Kane)

MAY 2021
The Dows Family & Life at Foxhollow Farm
(David Byars)

NOV 2021
Wilderstein Updates
(Katherine Charapko)

SEPT 2021
Life in Service
(Don Fraser)

DEC 2021
The Point, Calvert Vaux's

1855 Creation
(Jon Lawson)

DEC 2020
The History of The Starr Institute
(Duane Ragucci & Beverly Kane)

NOV 2020

The History of Boarding Houses in Rhinebeck
(David Miller)

OCT 2020
Gravestone Cleaning in Rhinebeck Cemetery
(Connie Lown)

SEPT 2020
Forgotten Hamlets of Dutchess County, Part 1
(David Turner)

JULY 2020
History of the Dutchess County Fair
(David Miller)

FEB 2020 Ice Harvesting in the Hudson Valley(David Miller)


DEC 2019
The 100th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage
(Bill Jeffway)

NOV 2019
History of the Catskill Mountains
(Bill Birns)

NOV 2019
History of Rhinebeck Garden Club
(Sue Chlystun)

OCT 2019 Ellerslie
(Mike Frazier)

SEPT 2019 War Dogs - The K-9 Corps
(Ron Gabriel)

JUNE 2019
Hidden Treasures of the Hudson Valley Part 3
(Tony Musso)

MAY 2019
The Schultz Family
(David Miller)

APRIL 2019
A Road Through Time
(Richard Feigle)

FEB 2019
Gilded Age Scandals
(Don Fraser)

JAN 2019 Life Along The Hudson(Pieter Estersohn - Book review)

Nov 2018
Civil War Letters
(Duane Ragucci w/Pete Bedrossian & Mark Russell)

Sept 2018
The World War One Soldier
(Neil Murray)

April 2018
History of Palatine Architecture in Rhinebeck
(Don McTernan and Bob Hedges)

March 2018
The History of Lionel Trains
(Ron Gabriel)

Feb 2018
WWI and the End of the Gilded Age
(Don Fraser)

Jan 2018
Life in Rhinebeck During WWI
(David Miller)



Nov 2017
Tales from Dutchess County Documents - Crime and Society in Rhinebeck (Will Tatum)

Oct 2017
Olin Dows as an army artist - WWII
(Chip Holman)

Sept 2017
Eleanor Roosevelt,Triumphs and Challenges
(Anthony Musso)

June 2017
Rhinebeck Cemetery Tour
(Friends of Rhinebeck Cemetery, RHS)

May 2017
The Stone Church
(Mike Frazier)

May 2017
Palatines in Rhinebeck
(Bill Jeffway & Nancy Kelly)

May 2017
Prohibition in Rhinebeck
(Nancy Kelly & Will Tatum)

April 2017
If Maps Could Talk ~ The 1802 Turnpike Map of Rhinebeck
(Bill Jeffway)

March 2017
The History of Old Time Radio
(Ron Gabriel)

February 2017
The History of the Bluestone Industry in Ulster County
(Bob Donaldson)

January 2017 The History of Ferncliff Forest (Knick Staley)

December 2016
The History of Hops and Beer
(David Miller}

November 2016
The Astor Maps
(Mike Frazier and Connie Lown)

October 2016
The History of Slate Quarry
(Jack Conklin)

August 2016
100 Anniversary of National Park Service
(Scott Rector)

June 2016
Clermont and the Livingston's
(Eliot Hawkins with Jane Miller)

May 2016
Racing Through History at Rhinebeck Speedway
(Jim Biffle)

March 2016
The History of Rhinebeck Aerodrome
(Clay Hammond)

February 2016
Hidden Treasures of the Catskills
(Tony Musso)

January 2016
Public Healthcare comes to Rhinebeck (Sandra Lewenson, Pace Univ.)

September 2015
History of the Frost Family of Rhinebeck
(Steven Mann)

May 2015
Hudson Valley in the Ice Age
(Professors Johanna and Robert Titus)

April 2015
The DAR Collection - Rhinebeck houses now and then
(D. Miller, D. McTernan)

March 2015
The Revolutionary War Soldier
(Neil Murray)

February 2015
Staatsburg: A Village Lost in Time
(Tony Musso)

January 2015
Rhinebeck during WWII and Korea (Peter Sipperley)



October 2014
The History of the Beekman Arms
(Brian Plumb)

September 2014
The History of St. Joseph's Church of Rhinecliff
(Mike Frazier)

May 2014
The 75th Anniversary of the Rhinebeck Post Office
(Anthony Musso, Michael Frazier and David Miller)

April 2014
The Mills of Landmans Kill
(Marilyn Hatch & David Miller)

February 2014
Hidden Treasures of the Hudson Valley Part 2
(Tony Musso)

January 2014
The History of Rock Ledge Estate (Lenard Stienburg)



January 2013
The Quakers in Dutchess County
Steven Mann

February 2013
The Teal Maps (updated Jan 2017)
Mike Frazier

March 2013
Farming in Rhinebeck
John Lobotsky

May 2013
The History of Laura Franklin Delano(added Feb 2017)
Leigh Anne Bishop

June 2013
History of St. Pauls Church (Wurtemburg)
Mark Isaacs

July 2013
July 4th Gettysburg Address
RHS and Rhinebeck Consortium

October 2013
History of Cigar Making in Rhinebeck
David Miller

November 2013
Civil War Voices
Mike Frazier, Elizabeth Clarke, Chris Klose, David Miller

December 2013
The Women Who Saved RhinebeckSally Mazzarella, Dorie McKibbin, Kay Verrilli

February 2012
How to Research the History of a House
David Miller

March 2012
The African American History of Rhinebeck
Brian McAdoo

April 2012
The Delano's of the Hudson Valley
Cynthia Owen Philip

May 2012
Rhinebeck Cemetery Walking Tour
Steven Mann

June 2012
Red Hook Splits With Rhinebeck
J Winthrop Aldrich

September 2012
The History of Mail Delivery in Rhinebeck
David Miller

October 2012
Hidden Treasures of the Hudson Valley
Anthony Musso

November 2012
The History of the Methodist Church
Marilyn Hatch

December 2012
The History of the Rhinecliff Hotel
James Chapman


March 2011
The History of the Reformed Church
Bud Rogers

May 2011
Rhinecliff Walking Tour
Michael Frazier

May 2011
The Locusts
Warren Smith

December 2011
Historic Homes of the Hudson Valley
Tom Daley

October 2011
The Doughboy Statue
Patrick Higgins


April 2022

Historic Mansions of the Hudson Valley

(Tony Musso)

October 2022

Frank Asher's Snapshot Moments

(David Miller)

November 2022

Dorothy Knapp: "Queen of the Cachets"

(Bonnie Wood)

December 2022

Dutchess County in 1870

(David Turner)


January 2023
Historic Murders of

the Hudson Valley 

(Shannon Butler)